Company Statements


To maintain and build a healthy organization that exceeds the quality standards of our customers so that we may provide work and opportunity for personal growth for every employee. We firmly believe that quality in our finished product is the key to continued success.


Our goal is to manufacture the highest quality roller milk in the world. We are dedicated to not only meet, but to exceed customer requirements and expectations. We will be a leader in new product development for premium manufactures of confectionery products. With our name on the line for over 50 years, we are dedicated to producing a roller milk powder that is second to none.


We believe in continuous improvement to build and maintain a healthy organization that exceeds the quality standards of our customers. We will never tire from the Sisyphean quest while providing work and opportunity for the personal growth of every employee.

We firmly believe that a quality finished product is key to our future success, and recognize the importance of every pound of whole milk powder to the accomplishment of our purpose.

We pride ourselves as a premier roller dried whole milk powder manufacturer with focus on the followings:

  • Providing superior quality products
  • Providing responsive and flexible customer service
  • Providing a unique, value added product
  • Earning the Loyalty of our customers

We believe you will be happy with VernDale's impeccable reputation in the Dairy industry. When our customers look good and their operations run smoothly, we both benefit. We want to be your partner.